If you are an engineering student and preparing for GATE Exams 2020. Before preparation of any competitive exams students should know about two things exam’s pattern and study material. Good things not easy to get without hard work. Most of students join institutes for better GATE exam preparation and some students do self-study. Student who join institutes for preparation have a proper exam pattern and study material because coaching institutes general provides preparation plan to study and they also insure that student equipped right kind of study material for the exam preparation. Most of engineering student cannot afford coaching institutes that is why they decide to self-study.

Gate Exam Preparation and Study Material for 2020

Choosing kind right study material for GATE exam preparation is one of the most important part of preparation. Without a right path of destination you cannot achieve your goal. In this article you will learn which kind of study material you should choose for better exam preparation. As you know you have left only few months for exam preparation. The GATE exam 2020 will be conducted by IIT Delhi on starting of February 2020.

GATE Exam Preparation Tips for 2020:

GATE Exam 2020 Syllabus - Every year lakhs of students apply for GATE exam and very few of them get admission in IISCs and IITs. Competition is very high in this exam, you should have a good strategy to get excellent score to admission in reputed institutes like IITs and IISC’s. Without wasting a single day keep your study continue. Before preparing for exam you should have right study material for GATE Exam which help you to get good score in GATE 2020 Exam.

Exam Preparation Routine: Exam preparation is same like food as you cannot eat five days food in a day same you cannot prepare for exam in few days. Always keep few hours for your study in a day and stick with it. You have to give proper time to study daily. Do not miss a single day for exam preparation. Start from today not tomorrow, it will never come. If you really want to achieve something you have to be focused, disciplined and hardworking.

Study with Friends & Groups: Self-study is not enough to get good score in exam. Your explanation capability will be increase and you will learn different way to solve a query. If you have doubts to solve any query your group friends can help you. Students can learn from each other this is one of the best advantage to study in a group.

Revise and Practice with Previous Question Papers: As you heard “practice makes man perfect” yes it is true. Once you finished your syllabus. Now it’s turn to practice with previous year question papers. Solving question papers will help to build confidence and time utilization in exam. You will also learn in which subject or topic you are weak. Study on those subjects or topics.

GATE Exam Syllabus of General Aptitude – Common in All Papers

Code : Paper Code : Paper
AE: Aerospace Engineering PH: Physics
AG: Agricultural Engineering PI: Production and Industrial Engineering
AR: Architecture and Planning ST: Statistics
BM: Biomedical Engineering TF: Textile Engineering and Fibre Science
BT: Biotechnology XE-A: Engineering Mathematics
CE: Civil Engineering XE-B: Fluid Mechanics
CH: Chemical Engineering XE-C: Materials Science
CS: Computer Sc. and Information Technology XE-D: Solid Mechanics
CY: Chemistry XE-E: Thermodynamics
EC: Electronics and Communication Engg. XE-F: Polymer Science and Engineering
EE: Electrical Engineering XE-G: Food Technology
EY: Ecology and Evolution XE-H: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
GG: Geology and Geophysics XL-P: Chemistry
IN: Instrumentation Engineering XL-Q: Biochemistry
MA: Mathematics XL-R: Botany
ME: Mechanical Engineering XL-S: Microbiology
MN: Mining Engineering XL-T: Zoology
MT: Metallurgical Engineering XL-U: Food Technology
PE: Petroleum Engineering

All the above common in all papers make sure you have preparation for these common papers. You just need to click to all the download and view he papers. When you have done your preparation after the preparation you can practice with last year question papers.

Here you can download last year 2019 question papers for best practice and revision. Solving previous year question papers will help to build your confidence in GATE exam 2020 preparation.

Previous Year Question Papers with Answer Key:

Paper Name Question Paper
AE: Aerospace Engineering View
AG: Agricultural Engineering View
AR: Architecture and Planning View
BT: Biotechnology View
CE: Civil Engineering View (Session-1)
View (Session-2)
CH: Chemical Engineering View
CS: Computer Sc. and Information Technology View
CY: Chemistry View
EC: Electronics and Communication Engg. View
EE: Electrical Engineering View
EY: Ecology and Evolution View
GG: Geology and Geophysics View
IN: Instrumentation Engineering View
MA: Mathematics View
ME: Mechanical Engineering View (Session-1)
View (Session-2)
MN: Mining Engineering View
MT: Metallurgical Engineering View