Download Engineering Mathematics in Ship Design, Engineering mathematics, specially, is a study field where mathematical ways and solving techniques are combined, regardless of the approach to offer a response to physical dilemma and to solve practical engineering problems. in the present edition, this information is employed to obtain many necessary recommendations about diversified fields of ship design, from the structural analysis in hulls up to methods that take under consideration the environmental sustainability in maritime transports. Download the pdf from below to explore all content and start learning.


Use of Engineering Mathematics for Ship Design

Numerical Assessment of Roll Motion Characteristics and Damping Coefficient of a Ship

A Validation of Symmetric 2D + T Model Based on Single-Stepped Planing Hull Towing
Tank Tests

Investigating the Pre-Damaged PZT Sensors under Impact Traction

On Air-Cavity Formation during Water Entry of Flexible Wedges

Geometric Evaluation of Stiffened Steel Plates Subjected to Transverse Loading for Naval and Offshore Applications

Survey on Experimental and Numerical Approaches to Model Underwater Explosions

An Approach for Predicting the Specific Fuel Consumption of Dual-Fuel Two-Stroke
Marine Engines

Numerical Study of Turbulent Air and Water Flows in a Nozzle Based on the Coanda Effect

Preliminary Study on the Contribution of External Forces to Ship Behavior

Environmental Management Systems and Balanced Scorecard: An Integrated Analysis of the Marine Transport