An Introduction to C and GUI Programming by Simon Long, Even if you're an absolute beginner, this book can teach you all you would like to know to write simple programs in C and begin making GUIs. the first half of the book is an introduction to C, and covers the fundamentals of writing easy command-line programs. The second half shows a way to use the GTK user interface toolkit with C to create feature-rich graphical user interface applications which might be run on the desktop. Download the pdf from below to explore all content and start learning.


Chapter 1: Getting started

Chapter 2: Variables and arithmetic

Chapter 3: Conditions and comparisons

Chapter 4: More advanced flow control

Chapter 5: Pointers

Chapter 6: Functions

Chapter 7: Arrays and strings

Chapter 8: The string library

Chapter 9: User Input

Chapter 10: File input and output

Chapter 11: More about types and variables

Chapter 12: Header files and the preprocessor

Chapter 13: Introduction to GTK

Chapter 14: Your first GTK program

Chapter 15: Buttons

Chapter 16: Labels and layout

Chapter 17: More advanced layout

Chapter 18: GUI user input

Chapter 19: Combo boxes and list stores

Chapter 20: Tree views

Chapter 21: Menus

Chapter 22: Dialogs

Chapter 23: Built-in dialogs

Chapter 24: Customising widgets

Chapter 25: Glade

Chapter 26: C quick reference