Download Learning to Program Using Python by Cody Jackson, An introduction to computer programming, using the simple, yet powerful, Python programing language. Python, a cross-platform language employed by such organizations as Google and nasa, enables you to work quickly and with efficiency, permitting you to consider your work instead of the language. Download the pdf from below to explore all content and start learning.


I The Core Language
1 Introduction
2 How is Python Different?
3 Comparing Programming Languages
4 The Python Interpreter
5 Types and Operators
6 Strings
7 Lists
8 Dictionaries
9 Tuples
10 Files
11 Statements
12 Documenting Your Code
13 Making a Program
14 Exceptions
15 Object Oriented Programming
16 More OOP
17 Databases
18 Distributing Your Program
19 Python 3

II Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)
20 Graphical User Interfaces
21 A Simple Graphical Dice Roller
22 What Can wxPython Do?

III Web Programming & Game Development
23 Developing for the Web
24 Game Development

A String Methods
B List Methods
C Dictionary operations
D Operators
E Sample programs
E.1 Dice rolling simulator
E.2 Temperature conversion
E.3 Game character attribute generator
E.4 Text-based character creation
F GNU General Public License