Download Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification pdf by D. Michie, D. J. Spiegelhalter, The aim of this book is to provide an up-to-date review of various approaches to classification, compare their performance on a good range of difficult data-sets, and draw conclusions on their applicability to realistic industrial issues. because the book's title suggests. a good variety of approaches has been taken towards this task. 3 main historical strands of analysis may be identified: statistical, machine learning and neural network. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


1 Introduction
2 Classification
3 Classical Statistical Methods
4 Modern Statistical Techniques
5 Machine Learning of Tools and Trees
6 Neural Networks
7 Methods for Comparison
8 Review of Previous Empirical Comparisons
9 Dataset Descriptions and Results
10 Analysis of Results
11 Conclusions
12 Knowledge Representation
13 Learning to Control Dynamic System