Download An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing pdf by R. M. Gray, L. D. Davisson, This book describes the essential tools and techniques of statistical signal processing. At each stage theoretical concepts are linked to specific applications in communications and signal processing. The book begins with a development of basic probability, random objects, expectation, and second order moment theory followed by a wide variety of samples of the foremost common random process models and their basic uses and properties. Specific applications to the analysis of random signals and systems for communicating, estimating, detecting, modulating, and different processing of signals are interspersed throughout the book. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


1 Introduction
2 Probability
3 Random variables, vectors, and processes
4 Expectation and averages
5 Second-order theory
6 A menagerie of processes
Appendix A Preliminaries
Appendix B Sums and integrals
Appendix C Common univariate distributions
Appendix D Supplementary reading