Download Programming Pearls pdf by Jon Bentley, The book focuses on selecting the correct algorithms and on showing the way to solve problems effectively. every chapter frames a selected programming task--such as sorting numbers, creating anagrams, or counting the words in a block of text--many drawn from Bentley's experiences in his long career as a developer. The book traces the method of arriving at a quick, efficient, and correct solution, along with code profiling to find what works best. Code examples are written in C and C++. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


Part I: Preliminaries
Column 1: Cracking the Oyster
Column 2: Aha! Algorithms [Sketch]
Column 4: Writing Correct Programs [Sketch]
Column 5: A Small Matter of Programming [Sketch]
Part II: Performance
Column 7: The Back of the Envelope
Column 8: Algorithm Design Techniques [Sketch]
Part III: The Product
Column 14: Heaps [Sketch]
Column 15: Strings of Pearls
Epilog to the First Edition
Epilog to the Second Edition
Appendix 2: An Estimation Quiz
Appendix 3: Cost Models for Time and Space
Appendix 4: Rules for Code Tuning
Solutions for Column 1 Column 5 Column 7 Column 15