Download Computer Science: Abstraction to Implementation pdf by Robert M. Keller, This book is meant for a broad second course in computer science, one emphasizing principles where it looks possible at this level. whereas this course builds and amplifies what the student already knows about programming, it's not restricted to programming. Instead, it attempts to use varied programming models to explicate principles of computational systems. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


1. Introduction
2. Exploring Abstractions: Information Structures
3. High-Level Functional Programming
4. Low-Level Functional Programming
5. Implementing Information Structures
6. States and Transitions
7. Object-Oriented Programming
8. Induction, Grammars, and Parsing
9. Proposition Logic
10. Predicate Logic
11. Complexity
12. Finite-State Machines
13. Stored-Program Computers
14. Parallel Computing
15. Limitations to Computing