Download Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ by Clifford A. Shaffer, A comprehensive treatment specializing in the creation of efficient data structures and algorithms, this text explains a way to select or design the data structure best suited to specific issues. It uses C++ because the programming language and is appropriate for second-year data structure courses and computer science courses in algorithmic analysis. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


I Preliminaries
1 Data Structures and Algorithms
2 Mathematical Preliminaries
3 Algorithm Analysis

II Fundamental Data Structures
4 Lists, Stacks, and Queues
5 Binary Trees
6 Non-Binary Trees

III Sorting and Searching
7 Internal Sorting
8 File Processing and External Sorting
9 Searching
10 Indexing

IV Advanced Data Structures
11 Graphs
12 Lists and Arrays Revisited
13 Advanced Tree Structures

V Theory of Algorithms
14 Analysis Techniques
15 Lower Bounds
16 Patterns of Algorithms
17 Limits to Computation