Download Programming Languages at a Glance pdf by Andreas Hohmann, This book tries to explain variety of programming languages, covering a wide range from currently popular ones like Java, Perl, Python, and C# to less known languages like ml, Haskell. once describing the languages, i want to search out out what they need in common, and what distinguished them from each over. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


1. Introduction
2. Fortran
3. Common Lisp
4. Cobol
5. C
6. Smalltalk
7. Prolog
8. Ada
9. SQL
10. Scheme
11. Objective C
12. ML
13. C++
14. Eiffel
15. Objective Caml
16. Perl
17. Haskell
18. Python
19. Java
20. JavaScript
21. Ruby
22. XSLT
23. C#
24. Thoughts