Download A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography pdf by Dan Boneh, Victor Shoup, This book is about constructing practical cryptosystems that we can argue security under plausible assumptions. The book covers several constructions for various tasks in cryptography. for every task we tend to outline an exact security goal that we tend to aim toa chieve to realize to attain and then present constructions that achieve the desired goal. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


1 Introduction

I Secret key cryptography
2 Encryption
3 Stream ciphers
4 Block ciphers
5 Chosen Plaintext Attack
6 Message integrity
7 Message integrity from universal hashing
8 Message integrity from collision resistant hashing
9 Authenticated Encryption

II Public key cryptography
10 Public key tools
11 Public key encryption
12 Chosen ciphertext secure public key encryption
13 Digital signatures
14 Fast hash-based signatures
15 Elliptic curve cryptography and pairings
16 Post-quantum cryptography: lattices and isogenies
17 Analysis of number theoretic assumptions

III Protocols
18 Protocols for identification and login
19 Identification and signatures from sigma protocols
20 Proving properties in zero-knowledge
21 Authenticated Key Exchange
22 Secure multi-party computation

IV Appendices
A Basic number theory
B Basic probability theory