Download Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming pdf by Peter Norvig, This book is concerned with three related topics: the field of artificial intelligence, or AI; the skill of computer programming; and also the programming language Common Lisp. Careful readers of this book will expect to come away with an appreciation of the main queries and techniques of AI, an understanding of some necessary AI programs, and an ability to read, modify, and make programs using Common Lisp. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


Part I introduces the Common Lisp programming language
Part II covers four early AI programs that all use rule-based pattern-matching
techniques. By starting with relatively simple versions of the programs and then
improving them and moving on to more complex programs, the reader is able to
gradually acquire increasingly advanced programming skills
Part III detours from AI for a moment to present some general tools for more
efficient programming. The reader who masters the material in this part can be
considered an advanced Lisp programmer.
Part IV covers some advanced AI programs.
Part V includes material that is peripheral to AI but important for any serious
Lisp programmer.