Download Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks pdf by Georgios Kambourakis, This special issue has been dedicated to the security and privacy aspects of mobile networks, wireless communications, and their apps. notably, aside from network and link layer security, the main focus is on the security and privacy of mobile software platforms and also the increasingly differing spectrum of mobile or wireless apps. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks

Investigating the Influence of Special On–Off Attacks on Challenge-Based Collaborative
Intrusion Detection Networks

A New Lightweight Watchdog-Based Algorithm for Detecting Sybil Nodes in Mobile WSNs

An Adaptive Privacy Protection Method for Smart Home Environments Using Supervised Learning

An Anonymous Offline RFID Grouping-Proof Protocol

Push Attack: Binding Virtual and Real Identities Using Mobile Push Notifications

Behavioural Verification: Preventing Report Fraud in Decentralized Advert Distribution Systems

Private and Secure Distribution of Targeted Advertisements to Mobile Phones

User Modelling Validation over the Security Awareness of Digital Natives

Participation and Privacy Perception in Virtual Environments: The Role of Sense of
Community, Culture and Gender between Italian and Turkish