Download Selected Problems of Contemporary Thermomechanics pdf, Thermomechanics is a subject that investigates the behavior of bodies below the action forces and heat input. Thermomechanical phenomena ordinarily occur within the human environment, from the action of solar radiation to the technological processes. The analysis of those phenomena usually needs intensive interdisciplinary knowledge and also the application of advanced mathematical apparatus. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


1. Introductory Chapter: Introduction to Thermomechanics Problems
By Jerzy Winczek

2. Thermomechanics of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrode Microstructures Using Finite Element Methods: Progressive Interface Degradation under Thermal Cycling
By Sushrut Vaidya and Jeong ho Kim

3. On the Thermodynamic Consistency of a Two Micro-Structured Thixotropic Constitutive Model
By Hilbeth P. Azikri de Deus and Mikhail Itskov

4. Practical Methods for Online Calculation of Thermoelastic Stresses in Steam Turbine Components
By Mariusz Banaszkiewicz and Janusz Badur