Download First Semester in Numerical Analysis with Julia pdf, The author presents the idea and strategies, along with the implementation of the algorithms using the Julia programming language (version 1.1.0). The book covers computer arithmetic, root-finding, numerical quadrature and differentiation, and approximation theory. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


1 Introduction
1.1 Review of Calculus
1.2 Julia basics
1.3 Computer arithmetic

2 Solutions of equations: Root-finding
2.1 Error analysis for iterative methods
2.2 Bisection method
2.3 Newton’s method
2.4 Secant method
2.5 Muller’s method
2.6 Fixed-point iteration
2.7 High-order fixed-point iteration

3 Interpolation
3.1 Polynomial interpolation
3.2 High degree polynomial interpolation
3.3 Hermite interpolation
3.4 Piecewise polynomials: spline interpolation

4 Numerical Quadrature and Differentiation
4.1 Newton-Cotes formulas
4.2 Composite Newton-Cotes formulas
4.3 Gaussian quadrature
4.4 Multiple integrals
4.5 Improper integrals
4.6 Numerical differentiation

5 Approximation Theory
5.1 Discrete least squares
5.2 Continuous least squares
5.3 Orthogonal polynomials and least squares