Download An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations pdf by Per Kristen Jakobsen, These lecture notes view the topic through the lens of applied math. From this point of view, the physical context for basic equations just like the heat equation, the wave equation and therefore the laplace equation are introduced early on, and therefore the focus of the lecture notes are on methods, instead of precise mathematical definitions and proofs. With respect to methods, each analytical and numerical approaches are mentioned. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


1 Introduction
2 First notions
3 PDEs as mathematical models of physical systems
4 Initial and boundary conditions
5 Numerical methods
6 First order PDEs
7 Classification of equations: Characteristics
8 Adjoint differential operators
9 Initial and boundary value problems in bounded domains
10 The Sturm-Liouville problem and Fourier series
11 Integral transforms
12 Projects