Download Lectures on Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians pdf by Alexander Komech, The main goal of these lectures is introduction to quantum mechanics for mathematically-minded readers. The second goal is to debate the mathematical interpretation of the most quantum postulates: transitions between quantum stationary orbits, wave-particle duality and probabilistic interpretation. Download the pdf from below to explore all topics and start learning.


1 Introduction
2 Planck’s law, Einstein’s photons and de Broglie wave-particle duality
3 The Schr¨odinger quantum mechanics
4 Quantum Observables
5 Bohr’s postulates, stationary orbits and attractors
6 Stationary orbits of electron in atom
7 Atom in magnetic field
8 Own magnetic moment of electron
9 Spin and Pauli equation
10 Coupled nonlinear Maxwell–Schr¨odinger equations
11 Quantum postulates and Maxwell–Schr¨odinger equations
12 Bohr’s postulates and attractors
13 Conjecture on attractors of G-invariant Hamilton nonlinear PDEs
14 Results on global attractors for nonlinear Hamilton PDEs
15 De Broglie’ wave-particle duality
16 Born’s probabilistic interpretation
17 On diffraction of electrons and Aharonov–Bohm shift

A Old Quantum Mechanics