As we all know this is the worse situation for the whole world. COVID-19 has infected most of all the countries in the world and till now situations is not under control. 3rd lockdown of Indian will be end on 14 April 2020. There are chances Government may increase lockdown for more weeks. In these situation declaration of board exams result will be late. All schools and colleges may remain closed for more weeks.

Odisha Government has decided that all the schools and college will be closed till 17 June 2020.If situation will be not under control so government will have to increased lockdown and students have to wait for new academic session although many of schools and colleges have decided to continue study classes through online mode but many of students do not have internet connectivity and they are not able to attend online classes due to lack of Internet connectivity.

As CBSC have decided that rest of exams will not be conduct again. Students who have given 4 or more 4 exams will get marks on the basis of given exams. There is a choice for student who want to give exams of rest subjects can give after completing lockdown.

If you are a student so you don’t need to worry about your study just keep your study continue. Nowadays you have lots of resources to study. If you have given all of your exams you can prepare for your next class. You can study through online ebooks, Youtube channels, ebooks and other sources. Now this time self-study is one of the most important. Study everyday, stay at home and be safe from the Pandemic.