Are you computer science engineering students and learning about software engineering here I have uploaded lecture notes pdf of software engineering. The pdf has lot of topics, I hope you will find the pdf helpful. download to learn more about software engineering.

Module 1: Lecture 1: Introduction to Software EngineeringLecture 2: Software Development Life Cycle- Classical Waterfall ModelLecture 3: Iterative Waterfall Model, Prototyping Model, Evolutionary ModelLecture 4: Spiral ModelLecture 5: Requirements Analysis and Specification Lecture 6: Problems without a SRS document, Decision Tree, Decision TableLecture 7: Formal System SpecificationLecture 8: Software DesignLecture 9: Software Design StrategiesLecture 10: Software Analysis & Design ToolsLecture 11: Structured DesignModule 2:Lecture 12: Object Modelling Using UMLLecture 13: Use Case DiagramLecture 14: Class DiagramsLecture 15: Interaction DiagramsLecture 16: Activity and State Chart diagrams

These are few topics there are more topics to learn download and learn more about software engineering.