Abstract : In our world today we are surrounded by a wonderful array of technologies. We have assimilated many of these technologies into our everyday lives.

Increasingly, these different technologies are becoming integrated to provide new capabilities and services. And most frequently a computer is the heart of this integration.

This is the case with Virtual Reality - a so-called technology which actually is a very sophisticated integration of a number of technologies.

Virtual Reality is a computer-based technology which incorporates specialized input and output devices to allow the user to interact with and experience an artificial environment as if it were the real world.

A VR system permits the user to explore a three-dimensional virtual - or artificial - environment and to interact with lifelike and/or fantasy elements created by the designer. In the virtual world, the user can do things as routine as throwing a ball or as fantastic as flying through space.

And these things can be made to occur by something as simple as a hand gesture or a nod or (one day) a sound.
The following is an attempt to provide an introduction to virtual reality and some of its basics.

The technical paper provides a brief introduction to the new emerging technology followed by the two types of Virtual Reality systems viz. Desktop Virtual Reality System and Immersive Virtual Reality System.

It also provides information about the various devices that are used for Immersive Virtual Reality System. Paper also covers the characteristics and applications of Virtual Reality.

Finally the conclusion provides the importance of this emerging technology and attempts to give a brief look into how Virtual reality can affect the future.

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