Synopsis: This paper discusses the new trend in sensor technology- smart sensors
encompassing the principles of ―Smart IR Temperature Sensors‖.

Today’s new smart IR sensors represent a union of two rapidly evolving sciences that
combine IR temperature measurement with high-speed digital technologies usually associated with the computer. These instruments are called smart sensors because they
incorporate microprocessors programmed to act as transceivers for bidirectional, serial communications between sensors on the manufacturing floor and computers in the control room.

Today’s more powerful sensor system have the following characteristics:

  • Accepts inputs from various sensors.
  • Provides local display of sensor readings.
  • Allows for non-intrusive sensor calibration.
  • Provides relays for local alarm action.
  • Follows user defined alarm strategy.
  • Accepts feedback signals from final control element.
  • Has independent back-up.
  • Low cost link to control room.
  • Provides centralized monitoring.

In this paper we will give an overview of the recent advances in the smart ir temperature sensors which includes its application in ―Space Heaters.” Thus, integrating smart sensors into new or existing process control systems provides engineers with a new level of sophistication in temperature monitoring and control.