Abstract: Self reproduction is ultimate form of self repair. Self replication is
generally considered to be a machine that can build itself, and that they can build another copy and so on. The self reproducing machines demonstrated here are essentially modular robots, consisting of multiple identical actuated modules with electromagnets to selectively weaken and strengthen connections.

The cubes are powered at the base and transfer data and power through their faces. The control of machine is distributed among the modules executes a motion schedule governed by time and contact events. The sides also have electromagnets that enable them to selectively attach and detach from each other. The modular robot can thus reconfigure itself. And in each block is a small computer chip which is programmed with step-by-step instructions about what to do. It is a small step towards developing robots that can repair and replicate themselves in space or hazardous environments.

The attachments include:
Presentation, a VIDEO explaining the working and a 2-d diagram that explains the construction.