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Thread: Accident alert system seminar report/pdf download

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    Pdf 32 Accident alert system seminar report/pdf download

    Introduction : New generation of cars are improved in such a way that the number of accidents decreases. Innovative ideas has implemented and emerged in order to reduce the risk of accident.

    During the recent past years, some alarm system and intelligent controlled apparatus have been designed and developed in order to increase the safety of automobiles.

    Security in travel is primary concern for everyone. This Project describes a design of effective alarm system that can monitor an automotive / vehicle / car condition in travelling.

    The project name “ACCIDENT ALERT WITH AUTOMATIC DIALLER” shows that project is designed to prevent the accident and to inform emergency about an accident that has occurred.

    This project uses a glass breakage sensor that detects breakage of glass and smoke detector that detects any smoke due to fire in the vehicle. These sensors send a signal to microcontroller.

    A DTMF dialler is connected to the microcontroller. A basic telephone unit is interfaced to the DTMF dialler chip that sends call to the predefined mobile or emergency number and informs about this accident.

    Sometimes, vehicles large in size (i.e. trucks, loading vehicles) have problems in driving the vehicle. There are some points which are not visible from driver’s seat, these are called blind points

    . Some time, objects or vehicles very near to truck got accident. This problem is called blind spot.

    Some time due to fog vehicles are not visible up to very less distance, an accident can occur due to this. While driving at night there can be a short nap to driver due to which accident can occur.

    Sometimes there are 4 wheelers having one headlight not working due to this they appear to be 2 wheelers and tend to cause accidents.

    To prevent the vehicle from accident, proximity detector used in this project that detect an object through its range and alert the driver.

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    Re: Accident alert system seminar report/pdf download

    This is a good invention to avoid or to decrease traffic accidents. This “ACCIDENT ALERT WITH AUTOMATIC DIALLER” project should be on the market in no time. I hope I can have this on my car too.
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    Re: Accident alert system seminar report/pdf download

    I need this project report.

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