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Thread: Alternative fuels seminar report/pdf/ppt download

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    Pdf 32 Alternative fuels seminar report/pdf/ppt download

    Abstract : Global vehicle population has undergone profound growth over the past few decades. This upsurge in vehicle population has payed the foundation for several economical and environmental concerns.

    These predicaments have in turn compelled governments to impose regulations on emission levels and seek alternative fuel options.

    This led to the efforts to commercialize alternative fuels on a mass scale, though they have been in use since long.

    Today, charging up the demand for alternative fuels is the increasing concern for the environment, public health, national self-dependence for energy needs, and the non-sustainability of fossil fuels.

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    Re: Alternative fuels seminar report/pdf/ppt download

    can anyone please upload alternate fuels by ss.thipse ebook..!


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