Introduction : The project work subject is one, in which actually we are leaning the theoretical concepts in practical way. Also the practical experience is one of the aims of this subject.

For a developing industry these operating performed and the parts or components produced should have its minimum possible production cost, then only the industry runs profitably.

There are a number of units having used in industries for various purposes.

For our thought the various project name are given below.

1. Pedaling sheet meal cutter.
2. Pneumatic multi purpose device.
3. Versa mill.
4. Paint mixer
5. Mechanical Jack.
From the above we selected ‘PNEUMATIC MULTI PURPOSE DEVICE’. In small scale Industries and automobile maintenance shops, there are frequent needs of tightening and loosening of screws, Drilling, Boring, Grinding, etc.

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Huge and complicate designed parts can not be machined in ordinary machines. Further for every operation separate machine is required. This increases the initial cost required, large area requirements and a large number of machines are required.

Please find the following attachments"Pneumatic multi-purpose machine seminar report/pdf/ppt download" here...............