Abstract:In this paper, a low-power consumption remote home security alarm system developed by applying WSN and GSM technology is presented.

It can detect the theft, leaking of raw gas and fire, and send alarm message remotely. The hardware of this system includes the single chip C5081F310, wireless receiving and sending chip CC1100 as well as the SIMENS TC35 GSM module.

The system software developed in C51 language has the ability of collecting, wireless receiving and sending data, and can send a piece of alarm short message to the userís mobile phone when some dangerous condition has been detected.

Security monitoring systems are popular in home automation, and Zigbee is a new industrial standard wireless sensor networks.

This paper introduces an experimental home security monitoring and alarming system based on Zigbee technology, it is capable of monitoring door & window magnetic contact, smoke, gas leak, water flooding, providing simple controls such as turning off the valves, and sending the alarms to the residential area security network etc.

The security alarming system is based on Zigbee chip MC13192 and low power consumption micro-controller MSP430F135. A description of the system architecture, circuit principle and the firmware flowchart is presented.

The system uses a control key fob for activating and de-activating the alarm easily, supports Web interface so that user can access the system remotely to control, search or review the history record, and offers a LCD panel for simple configuration.

Keywords-wireless sensor network; global system for mobile communications; home security system; short message I; Zigbee.

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