Introduction : Modem mobile phones are small computers, with limited processing power by desktop standards, but power enough to run a small game.

If you have a recent phone, you have more processing power in your pocket than ran the Lunar Lander.

Today's phones are also by their very nature networked computers, efficiently sending and receiving digital data. Primarily geared for voice data, they can send and receive other kinds of data as well.

This inherent ability to share information offers a unique opportunity to design games wherein players interact with other players, perhaps even on the other side of the world.

In terms of processing power and capabilities, the current generation of Java -enabled phones is close to the second generation of arcade machines, early 1990s home computers, and early handheld game machines.

RAM is generally limited—typically 128 KB to 500 KB—although some smartphones, like Nokia 3650, have as much as 4 MB of memory.

They also have, by comparison to PCs, limited input and display capabilities: small screens (many still black and white), keypads optimized for phone dialing rather than text entry, and limited sound handling.

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