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Thread: AMIE Programming Languages - LISP,

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    Pdf 32 AMIE Programming Languages - LISP,

    Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) studies the computational basis of intelligent behavior and tries to
    duplicate such computation using computers.
    • Perception: machine vision, speech understanding
    • Robotics
    • Problem solving, e.g. solving textbook physics problems.
    • Machine learning: Can a machine learn to improve its performance based upon its
    • Automatic theorem proving
    • Understanding natural languages, such as English
    • Planning a sequence of steps to achieve a goal
    • Expert systems, e.g. for medical diagnosis.
    • Knowledge representation: How can knowledge be represented in a computer? How can
    knowledge be used to answer questions and solve problems?

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    Re: AMIE Programming Languages - LISP,

    excellent thak you

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