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Thread: Dot Net Project: Weight Monitor System (in VB)

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    Zip 32 Dot Net Project: Weight Monitor System (in VB)

    Description: This program lets you monitor your weight daily. It also provides a body mass index (BMI) calculator.

    The WEIGHT MONITOR form has three tabs: ‘Record Weight Data’, ‘View Weight Data’ and ‘Body Mass Index’.

    The first tab allows you to enter a daily weight value and any comment in the displayed grid. A calendar control aids in choosing dates. Each file contains one year of data. You may start a new file by choosing a year and clicking ‘New File’. Previously saved files may be opened by choosing ‘Open File’.

    A sample weight file named WEIGHTSAMPLE.MDB is included in the project folder. Clicking ‘Exit’ ends the program. The ‘View Weight Data’ tab allows you to view a line graph of any one month’s data (choose the month via the option buttons). A printout of the displayed graph is obtained by clicking ‘Print Data’. The last tab, ‘Body Mass Index’, computes a number (based on height and weight) that is used to evaluate your health. Use the two arrow controls to establish weight and height values. Your body mass index (BMI), along with a simple evaluation, is displayed.

    The computations can be done in US or metric units.

    The attachment includes the following files:

    • VB Code files
    • Database files

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    Re: Dot Net Project: Weight Monitor System (in VB)

    i want to dwnload more VB-ORACLE CONNECTIVITY DATABASE projects..............
    plz give me the link

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    Re: Dot Net Project: Weight Monitor System (in VB)

    i want more and ms access connectivity

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