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    value device In computer practice, a device that delivers a constant-polarity output signal equal in amplitude to that of the input signal. Thus, the output signal always has the same sign.

    absolute zero
    The temperature 273.16C (459.7F and 0 Kelvin). The coldest possible temperature, representing the complete absence of heat energy.

    absorbed wave
    A radio wave that dissipates in theionosphere as a result of molecular agitation.This effect is most pronounced at low and medium frequencies.

    The amount of radiant energy absorbed in a material; equal to 1 minus the transmittance.

    The taking up of one material or medium by another into itself, as by sucking or soaking up. Also, the retention of one medium (or a part of it) by another medium, through which the first one attempts to pass. See, for example, ABSORBED WAVE, ABSORPTION COEFFICIENT, DIELECTRIC ABSORPTION. Compare ADSORPTION.

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