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Thread: Paper Presentation on Performance Improvement of a DI Diesel Engine Using Cottonseed Oil

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    Pdf 32 Paper Presentation on Performance Improvement of a DI Diesel Engine Using Cottonseed Oil

    Abstract: Diesel engines are the prime movers for heavy-duty vehicles used in
    transportation and agricultural sectors. Diesel engines meet their energy requirement
    from stored fuels i.e. petroleum products. The twin problems of both depletion in scarce
    resources and atmospheric pollution caused by vehicles running on petro products are
    perturbing the researchers to find available and immediate alternative to fossil fuels.
    The physical and combustion properties of vegetable oils are close to petro-diesel
    fuel and in this context, vegetable oils can stand as an immediate candidate substitute for stored fuels. Vegetable oils are produced from processing of seeds of various plants and thus Renewable in nature.

    However due to inherent high viscosity and low volatility vegetable oils would
    pose problems such as fuel flow and poor atomization and constraining their direct use in
    engines without any modifications.

    In the present investigation effect of supercharging is studied on the performance
    of a direct injection diesel engine with the use of untreated cottonseed oil.
    Performance of the engine is evaluated in terms of break specific fuel consumption, exhaust Gas Temperature and smoke Density. It is observed that when cottonseed oil is used as a fuel, there is a reduction in BSFC of about 15% when the engine is run at the recommended injection pressure and supercharging pressure of 0.4 bar g in comparison with the engine operation run under naturally operated condition.

    The investigation revealed that cotton seed oil, in general vegetable oils, can best
    be utilized if supercharging is employed at the recommended injection pressure of the

    Please find the complete paper attached.

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    Re: Paper Presentation on Performance Improvement of a DI Diesel Engine Using Cottons

    i want performance improvement of a diesel engine using cottonsheed oil full pdf report and ppt