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Thread: MU - OET 2012 BTech Admissions Counseling Procedure

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    Favorite 32 MU - OET 2012 BTech Admissions Counseling Procedure


    • Candidate should select the counseling venue from the list of centers available in the online test booking system before they download the e-hall ticket.

    • The rank, counseling schedule, venue and other relevant details, will be made available in the website along with the announcement of results. Candidates should ensure that they fulfill all the eligibility requirements mentioned in the prospectus before they report for counsel ling. Only the candidates whose ranks are included in the counseling schedule are required to attend the counseling.

    The physical presence of the candidate at the counseling is mandatory. If a candidate is prevented by unavoidable circumstances from being physically present for the counseling, he/she may authorize another individual to represent him/her at the counseling. This representative must carry the authorization in a particular format, Absence of the candidate or his/her representative at the indicated reporting time and date will result in the instantaneous forfeiture of any claim for a seat.

    Only the candidate/representative will be allowed into the counseling hall. They will be called in the order of their ranks and offered the seats available at that point of time. They are permitted to choose any of the seats available during their turn. Ties will be resolved in the manner described below:

    The Net Average Score (NAS) obtained during the qualifying examination will be calculated by taking the gross average marks of all the Board / University examinations and subtracting a factor determined on the basis of the number of failures. The tied candidates will be re-ranked on the basis of NAS.
    In the event of NAS of two (or more) tied candidates being identical, the candidate with fewer failures will be ranked higher.

    For the purpose of this rule, each failure in a subject in a (semester/year) Board/University examination will be reckoned as one failure. Non-appearance in a particular subject in an examination for whatever reason will also be counted as failure.

    Successful candidates will be allotted seats according to their rank and number of seats available. The choice of course made by the candidate / representative is final and binding and cannot be altered later under any circumstances.


    When all the seats in a given course/s are filled, candidates may choose to be waitlisted. Candidates will be waitlisted as per their rank order in the counseling.

    (i) Candidates may opt for one course and simultaneously get wait listed for other course/s.
    Such candidates are required to pay the fee for the course to which they are admitted. Failure to pay the fee will result in instantaneous forfeiture of the seat.

    On subsequent selection to the course to which they are wait listed, these candidates need to pay the difference of fees, if any.

    (ii) Candidates, who opt only to be wait listed, need not pay any fee until they receive the selection intimation from the university that they have been selected for admission from the waiting list as a consequence of withdrawal or cancellation of admission of any originally admitted candidate.

    (iii) The University officer in-charge of counseling will declare the waiting list for each course as closed as soon as he/she is satisfied that an adequate number of candidates have been wait listed for that course.

    (iv) Candidates can wait list only for the course and not for the campus.

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    Re: MU - OET 2012 BTech Admissions Counseling Procedure

    Hey ya....i need to know that do we get admission in MIT through aieee rank?

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    Re: MU - OET 2012 BTech Admissions Counseling Procedure

    Quote Originally Posted by extratorrent22 View Post
    Hey ya....i need to know that do we get admission in MIT through aieee rank?
    NO. you have to appear for the MU-OET.

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    Re: MU - OET 2012 BTech Admissions Counseling Procedure

    What score will get me a seat in B.Tech for Computer Engineering in Manipal?

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    Re: MU - OET 2012 BTech Admissions Counseling Procedure

    My rank is 8700 and my counselling date is 9th June.The folowing number of seats are available as of today(6th June)
    Chemical -42
    Info Technology -33
    Do I have a chance of getting any of these branches?PLEASE REPLY . VERY URGENT!

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