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Thread: Definition of Love?

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    Heart 32 Definition of Love?

    What is Love?:Jaison_2:

    Love is when two people touch each other's soul.
    Love is honesty and trust.
    Love is helping one another.
    Love is mutual Respect.
    Loce means that difference can be worked out.
    Love is reaching your dreams together.
    Love is the connection of two hearts.

    .........yours and mine!!

    True Love Can not success.
    Present Status - LSD

    by: Pradeep nickname: Aaron

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    Heart 32

    nice definition of Love good...

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    Re: Definition of Love?

    i think helping one another should be in friendship definition,,, love means caring...

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    Re: Definition of Love?

    Love in my opinion is when you care about someone and want the best for them even if it means putting your needs last. It's when you see the best in the person despite their flaws, you believe in them even when they don't believe in themselves, you notice and appreciate every good trait about them, you think about them all time and there priority on your list when it comes to most things.

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    Re: Definition of Love?

    @cool.taniya very long definition..... i think it is summry instead of definition,,,, LoL!!!

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    Re: Definition of Love?

    Its wat i think abt love.
    doesnt mater if its a para!!!

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    Re: Definition of Love?

    btw, nice thoughts... ever felt this??

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    Re: Definition of Love?

    NAAA nt really!!!

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    Re: Definition of Love?

    Very nice definition of love...........
    Vrishti Singh

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