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Thread: What if our BRAIN worked like a PEN DRIVE!??

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Although these methods, which involve the use of wires hanging vertically in a shaft, are rapidly being superseded by gyroscopic methods, they are still widely used and are described herewith. The basic concept is that wires hanging freely in a shaft will occupy the same position underground that they do at the surface, and hence the bearing of the wire plane will remain constant throughout the shaft. Read this topic
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    Heart 32 What if our BRAIN worked like a PEN DRIVE!??

    Sometimes I wish our brain worked like pen drive. Retrieve data only when requested. no problem of conscience interrupting us.

    Pour in your thoughts..

    How would it be if our brain starts working like a pen drive??

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    Thank God for our brains did not work like pendrives...
    Then.. what would happen if we delete some imp files by mistake.. like our name/family details.. Then we would be aliens in this world!! Suppose we delete the data(say how to eat/drink and other day-to-day activities) then what would we remain as!!
    Just cant imagine!

    Its good that our brain remains as brain and not as pen drives

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    Re: What if our BRAIN worked like a PEN DRIVE!??

    It would be awesome if our brains behaved as Pen Drives.We could increase our storage capacity by using pen drives of higher GB.But unfortunately pen drives can't think and so this can happen only when we are completely civilized.But civilization is a continuous process.
    So our brains can't be pen drives.
    But it would be good if we can have both of them.We can use pen drive for topping the exam and brains to apply it.

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    Re: What if our BRAIN worked like a PEN DRIVE!??

    Brain as a pen drive.........?????
    Only and only one advantage is seeming to me............delete unnecessary data i.e. remove hurting memories from your brain......
    Vrishti Singh