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Thread: FaaDoOs and their FaaDoO Moments..SHARE Yours Here!

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    Heart 32 FaaDoOs and their FaaDoO Moments..SHARE Yours Here!

    All FaaDoOs.....share your FaaDoOest experience could from your could be from your could be from the lab....or it could be from the roadside!!! The most liked experience stands a chance to win MODERATORSHIP on this website!

    These FaaDoO Experiences are form our Facebook Fan Page:

    Rehan Ahmed- Daru pee k gf propose karney k alawa hi kuch batana

    Sakshi Bhambhu- umm..okay ..during the diwali vacations me and my brother (5 yrs younger to me) were getting back home on a we were on this GT road and i asked him to let me ride the bike (i hadn't really done that before ) yeah i was at ...a speed of say 80 km/h and to overtake a car i went till 90 (it was glamor) when i was beside the car the helmet (which was my brothers and was really loose on me) covered my eyes...since i could not see anything i tried to remove the the helmet from my left hand but couldn't handle the bike by just my right while overtaking the car i was hardly one inch away from it. The faadooest thing about it is since i couldn't see anything i was still fine as i dint know that bike is going straight but the i can bet that person who was driving the car must have freaked out (as in fatt gayi hogi uski toh) ;)

    Share yours in reply to this thread!!

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    i dunno if this will count as a faadoo experience..but it certainly was a hilarious moment...

    Once we had this microprocessor lecture going on..our professor Mr Singh, a tall heavily built surd was harassing all of us with his micro-concepts! He was asking all of us random questions form the subject. My turn came..he asked me something..and there i was standing completely blank..embarassed..suddenly the professor let off a LOUD FART!!!!

    Everyone was like..we all wanted to laugh our hearts out but were terrified of him....all of a sudden...i was not the only one to be embarassed over there..!!!

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    at school...
    dat was d boring social class going early
    in 1st period on "Traffic Rules"..... our jobless vice principal is on daily regular rounds disturbing all the classes....

    comes to our class... checks d board for ongoing topic .... points at me.. i stood up..

    vp: How many are the traffic rules?
    me: 7 ( probably 7..i don remember exactly now)
    vp : What are those ?
    me : rule1, rule2, rule3..... rule7.

    not more than 2 secs gap....the class can't resist laugh including our social teacher n vp..

    * * *

    though many such incidents with d vp.. but dis is more FaaDoOesT i consider.. :p

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    [MENTION=52][FE].Zatak[/MENTION]- i didnt quite undertand ur experience..

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