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Thread: If you marry an engineer....

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    Heart 32 If you marry an engineer....

    Wife : If you don’t come for the family get-together today, you have no idea what I will do..
    Engineer Husband : Crash my hard drive?????????

    Wife : I don't understand why our son is getting punished everyday in school?
    Engineer Husband : Syntax error, I guess!

    Wife : You were supposed to go to your mother’s place. Why are you still here?
    Engineer Husband : Access denied!

    Wife : Why the hell did you marry me?
    Engineer Husband : Known Trojan is better than an unknown bug!

    Wife : How come I never get to drive your car?
    Engineer Husband : You have only ‘read’ permissions..not ‘write’!

    Wife : Why haven’t you washed the dishes?
    Engineer Husband : You didn’t log your call!!How am I to know?

    A non-engineer : I don’t know how you handle you wife so well? What is it that you do when she gets angry?
    His friend, an engineer : Cntrl + Alt + Del!

    Wife : I’m so fed up, I think I’m going to divorce you..
    Engineer Husband : You mean, I can now log into another User Account??

    Wife : Its 10:30 in the morning!! When the hell are you going to get up..
    Engineer Husband : I'm trying to boot!

    Wife : I have told you a million times not to keep a wet towel on the sofa..Which language should I translate it into for you to get it??
    Husband : C++..

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    ..... @ishwarya ....

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    [MENTION=5]aishwarya[/MENTION]- LOLLZZZZz!!!! nice ones

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    it is tooooooooo goooooooooood..
    True Love Can not success.
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    by: Pradeep nickname: Aaron

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    Re: If you marry an engineer....

    hey thnx!!
    ..... @ishwarya ....

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    Re: If you marry an engineer....

    lol...ROFL.... good ones

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    Re: If you marry an engineer....

    thnx man!
    ..... @ishwarya ....

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    Re: If you marry an engineer....

    Nice share aishwarya........
    Vrishti Singh

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