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Thread: Can anyone Please Review SRM University Please.

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    Can anyone Please Review SRM University Please.

    Hello Can anyone just give a Review about SRM university.

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    Re: Can anyone Please Review SRM University Please.

    I have studied at SRM University, Kattankulathur Campus. Its good. The infrastructure and the campus is beautiful. I have done B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and the course structure is well designed. The college is also very active on co-curricular activities. The best thing for engineering students is the 'Robotics Club' of the college. It is very good and gives engineering students a platform to initiate their innovative ideas and have discussions on technology and engineering. I had my best time in Robotics Club and it also helped me to gain some practical knowledge about my subject.

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    Re: Can anyone Please Review SRM University Please.

    I think it is a good university. SRM always aims to shape the career of the students in a better and unique way so that they can be easily placed in any organization. SRM has a unique forum to wmpower students.This forum will surely help the students in getting jobs soon after they complete their education. I think launch of this forum by SRM University will enhance the language and communication skills of students. Over 4,500 students took part in an online test to evaluate the core employability skills of young engineering graduates. The test is part of SRM University’s new learning management system designed and developed by the university.

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