Studying Masters in Australia is truly International Experience. Almost all the Masters Programs in Australia are offered at 40 odd Universities across the country and mostly concentrated around the 3 main cites of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. These universities are collaborated with more than 100 world class universities in the field of Research and Development, Student Exchange, Faculty Exchange and host of other areas. Research scholars at these universities have archived major breakthrough and advances, winning so many International awards including 8 Noble Prizes. Masters in Australian Universities is being offered in almost all conceivable majors and develops student into innovative and productive graduates opening the doors to the world.

Graduate Diploma in Australia is good alternative to Masters in Australian Universites for many Indian 3 year degree holders who do not directly qualify for Masters in Australia. This gives option to the students to complete the graduate diploma from colleges which are less expensive than Masters in Australian Universities. Masters in Australia cost is much lower in some Colleges in Collaboration with the Universities and degrees are awarded by the universities especially in the field of IT and Business Management. This is economical option and student can run through the Masters in Australia much easily.

The following are the Certain Salient features about Masters in Australian Universities.

  • There are about 40 Universities offering Masters in Australia and most of them are Govt. Funded.
  • Masters in Australia is well recognized across the world.
  • These Universities are really huge in size, visually stunning and offers Masters in all most all the faculties.
  • Most of the Masters in Australia are of one year duration unlike US System. This makes doing Masters in Australia cost effective.
  • Most of the Masters in Australian Universities require 4 year Degree or considerable experience after 3 years India Degree.
  • Most of Indian 3 year degree holders join 1 year graduate diploma as terminal qualification or go on to do their Masters in Australia.
  • The students are allowed to work part time. This supports students living expenses.
  • Spouse of the student who is doing Masters in Australia can work full time.
  • Australia is highly modernized economy, need highly skilled manpower and the gigantic universities feed this power.
  • Student Permit can be changed to work permit is the student gets a job upon completing Masters in Australia.
  • Most of the Masters in Australian Universities will get you high point for immigration.
  • Recent changes in Australian student Visa regulation favors students who go for Masters in Australian Universities as compared to territory education in Private Institutes.
  • Melbourne incident has taken out lot of bad blood out of the System and the present situation is decently favorable.
  • With recent troubles US and European Economies, investing on Masters in Australia cost effective option.