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Thread: FE Introduction Thread - Let's Do it - Ver.2!

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    FE Introduction Thread - Let's Do it - Ver.2!

    latest news i heard on aaj tak tht there is requirment of 1 lakh civil engineers evry year guyz

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    Heart 32 Introduction Thread V

    Faadoo engineer is a good friend for every engineer.I was searching for projects on google and came know about the fadoo.....its really good.i am a recent member and don't know much of it.........

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    Blog 32 My first post !

    This is Raghuram..
    I'm in my 3rd yr of engg.. CSE..
    I'm thinking of presenting a paper..
    So could u pls help me by giving a good topic..

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    Re: hacking

    hi..... im new member of this site.

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    Re: hacking

    hai..this website is really cool buddy.. it's my first download after signing in.. thanx a lot for the useful info..

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    good idea sir/madam keep going

    good idea sir/madam keep going
    good idea sir/madam keep going

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    thousands of thanks to faadoo enginneers website.......its really awesome......

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    FE Introduction Thread - Let's Do it - Ver.2!

    Hi FaaDoOs,

    Welcome to India's Biggest & Coolest Website for Engineers & Aspirants, with more than 1 Lakh users on board now.

    For those who haven't checked out the website yet, we have a host of features like an Articles section, Discussion forum, Blogs, Videos, Ebooks for aspiring Engineers, Ebooks for Engineers, Projects, paper presentations and so much more...!

    This is a bit About us.

    Wat about u?????

    We would love to know about our new members.

    Format for Introducing Yourself

    Anything Else you want to tell us:

    Come on guys lets roll this thread.....

    Last edited by faadoo.nitika; 5th June 2012 at 03:40 PM.

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    Heart 32 - Introduction Thread V

    i am nareshkumar
    i am currently doing be-2nd year,ece department
    please share your ideas objects with me

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    Favorite 32 introduction

    i am working in ksfe which is owned by state govt but now i am doing a networking course so ineed your help to clerar my douibts

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    Rar 32 Best

    this is really helpful for every one .this is just like friends help us thanks to teams who create such website.

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    HelloFriends I'm new to this site but i can say this that faadooengineers is the no. 1 site.....thank u

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    Heart 32 Introduction

    this is really a good web which is more helpful in engineering.i m learning many things from this cite.

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    Good website for all the engineering students.

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    Heart 32 - Introduction Thread V

    Hi FaaDoOs!!

    This is Kamal Singh from Bihar, doing B. Tech.(M.E.) from Lovely Professional University (INDIA).

    Let's Introduce ourselves on this thread... .

    Come on Guys let's roll this thread!!!!
    Last edited by faadoo.nitika; 1st May 2012 at 01:28 PM.

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