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Thread: Flying Remote Controlled QUADCOPTER (as in 3 IDIOTS) for your Mini-projects Tech fest

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    Flying Remote Controlled QUADCOPTER (as in 3 IDIOTS) for your Mini-projects Tech fest

    Hello all! I am VIneet Punyamoorty from Hyderabad. I am a radio-controlled vehicles enthusiast and i have made a flying Remote-controlled QUADCOPTER (as in the movie 3 IDIOTS). I thought it would be helpful for all you guys in your mini-projects and Tech-Fests. The specifications and pricing are as follows: It is controlled by a powerful on-board flight-controller called CRIUS MultiWii. Motors: Powerful Brushless Motors dt700 Battery: Lithium-Polymer 3000mAh Controller: CRIUS MuliWii microcontroller Remote: 2.4GHz 6 channel Transmitter and Receiver props: 10" electric propellers It's a READY-TO-FLY system. The Price is Rs.15,500/- (for the WHOLE system inclusive of every bit and part you need) BTW, I don't do business, I made it personally and I want to sell it for the benefit of you guys... I have tested it only 3 times. It's in "NEW" Condition. I am posting the pictures:
    The lighting system has been removed now, but can be attached very easily upon request.
    I have made it for myslef initially, but got this idea of giving it away, so I've got only 1 unit with me (that's obvious, though..) Hurry! GRAB YOIUR DEAL NOW! Even if you're not from Hyderabad, I will ship it to any location in India using premium courier options (at a small extra cost) Vineet Punyamoorty

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