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Thread: Does your friends/colleagues ringtone annoy you??

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    Information Does your friends/colleagues ringtone annoy you??

    How often has it happened that you're concentrating hard on a work at hand and are suddenly thrown out of your zone, startled by a colleague's/friends irritating ringing phone? Well almost everybody has faced such a scenario with the frequency differing from person to person. But nonetheless it is a common phenomenon at everyday work or college and has the ability to drive you mad, especially when you're doing an important work that needs your utmost attention.

    There is a trend now a days to have ringtones of regional songs in ultra-high volume. These are the ones that irritate the most!

    Have you also experienced such scenarios of irritating ringers? Do share your similar experiences that you may have encountered at your workplace or college.

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    :Laie_35:for smtime i 'll think "i will kill that person who disturb me" suddenly i'll stope nd continue on my imp.job..bcoz u mention ur job is important .so i'll try to complete my job first.anycost!!!!!!after that i'll see music -lover..:Laie_25:
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    omg..! daily hell.. with many. :'|

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