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Thread: Which Engineering College to go for?

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    Blog 32 Which Engineering College to go for?

    I have scored 205 marks in Bitsat 2012 and 205 in aieee .
    I very confused as to give preference to which of the above
    Some of the seniors are telling me to go for bits Pilani and after one year try for branch change but my friends are telling me that it is too tough ! , is it so ?
    I'm slightly inclined towards CSE and secondly Chem Eng .
    Please give me some suggestion .

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    Re: Confused

    are u getting anything at bits pilani,yes its difficult for branch change u shud be in top 10 out of a batch of 600.go for aieee.

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    Re: Confused

    actually i wrote mistakenly wrong
    i got 285 in bitsat nd in aieee i got a very poor rank nd i'm nt gttng a single NIT through it .
    what should i do now
    i 'm getting Msc courses there
    is Msc Infotech a good branch ?

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    Re: Which Engineering College to go for?

    yeah,its a good branch with syllabus 85% similar to cs.sometimes its placement is even better than,if u get it then go for it.

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    its information systems.

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