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Thread: Seminar report on wifi technology

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    Ppt 32 Seminar report on wifi technology

    Seminar presentation on wifi technology.

    •Wi-Fi Technologies
    •Wi-Fi Architecture
    •Wi-Fi Network Elements
    •How a Wi-Fi Network Works
    •Wi-Fi Network Topologies
    •Wi-Fi Configurations
    •Applications of Wi-Fi
    •Wi-Fi Security
    •Advantages/ Disadvantages of Wi-Fi


    •Wireless Technology is an alternative to Wired Technology, which is commonly used, for connecting devices in wireless mode.
    •Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a generic term that refers to the IEEE 802.11 communications standard for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs).
    •Wi-Fi Network connect computers to each other, to the internet and to the wired network.

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    Re: Seminar report on wifi technology

    hello guys i need a summer training report on R.F networking ,,,,,,,,,,,if some one hve please help me............

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