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Thread: GATE 2013 Discussion

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    GATE 2013 Discussion


    Can anybody tell me in which year did IIT Bombay conducted the GATE previously. So that I can go through the question paper of that year and get an overview of the topic they empasised more.

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    Favorite 32 synchronous machine related problems

    Hii..I have a confusion that regarding synchronous machine.I know that when a syn m/c is over excited,it requires a leading armature current.Is that mean this syn motor is supplying lagging VAR to grid.if yes how?

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    Re: GATE 2013 Discussion

    Hello atul, IIT mumbai last time organised the GATE 2005.
    The sequence of organizing gate is chennai-delhi-mumbai-kharagpur-bangalore-kanpur-roorkee-guwahati

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