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Thread: Open Source Mobile OS - A Comparitive Study - Paper Presentation

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    Pdf 32 Open Source Mobile OS - A Comparitive Study - Paper Presentation


    Open Source seems to be buzz word these days, this paper aims to present an overview of different open source mobile OS and their comparative study, starting with their background. How they got there, the major players on the field and the business sense involved, Using latest data from various research's and reports. This paper focuses analysis on emerging open mobile OS and their advantage.

    Open source has been around for such a long time but recently from last one year the open source in mobile world has really caught the attention of developers and corporates alike. Primarily the credit should go to Google for their Android open source mobile OS. However there are couple of other major players which we canít ignore like LIMO, ALP, OpenMoko etc. and with Nokia announcing Open version Symbian we have some serious Players in Open Source mobile OS.

    Before Going into details, Letís have a look at what is open source and its different Flavours.

    Please find the Paper attached!

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