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Thread: Gate 2013 study material

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    Gate 2013 study material

    Where can i find study materials for GATE? I'm planning to write GATE in 2013.

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    Re: Gate 2013

    my views about GATE preparation-
    1-1st accompany urself wid a troop who share a similar goal as of u(i.e GATE goal)
    2-den start net surfing n collect info abt gate preprtns
    3-contact pears who crackd xam n get tips 4m dem
    4-clear ur basic concepts n reach to d depth of evry concept related 2 ur branch
    5-clear al ur doubts by consulting teachers n proffsrs
    6-n den after ol dis switch 2 gate asli wali preparatn
    7-gkp buk covers ol d gate pprs till date,brilliant notes r also vry good(u can avail dem via post only,dey cum in sets),hyderabad has gate coaching centre tooo wich is vry popular(refer deir notes tooo,dey r d most advantageous),oder dan dis also refer d refrence books for each sujct!!!
    good luck!
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    Re: Gate 2013

    u can only get question papers from NET... you can get solved QP from GATEFORUM website or GATEACCADEMY website... or buy a GK PUBLICATION book on GATE.

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    Re: Gate 2013

    please post the solution along with question paper....thanks......mail me at[MENTION=183148]gmail[/MENTION].com

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    Re: Gate 2013 study material

    u didn't mention u'r branch if u are ECE this book is helpfull

    download it must.....

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    Re: Gate 2013 study material

    A lot of material u''ll find on Faadoos site.. even hand written classroom notes. no need to srch on another website.

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    Re: Gate 2013 study material

    hi i want gate study materials...

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    Re: Gate 2013

    but i want solution of all gate pare for cse

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