The battery is an electrochemical device. It uses chemical to produce electricity. The amount of electricity it can produce is limited. As the chemical in the battery is depleted, the battery runs down and is discharged. It can be recharged by supplying it with electric current from the vehicle alternator or from a battery charger. The depleted chemicals are restored to their original condition as the battery becomes charged.

The automotive battery supplies electric current to operate the starting motor and ignition system while starting the engine. It also acts as a voltage stabilizer by supplying current for the lights, radio and other electrical accessories when the alternator is not handling the load. In addition, the battery supplies a small amount of current to the volatile memory in the electronic control module while the ignition key is off. The specific gravity test and the open voltage test are conducted to find out the state of charge in the battery. Load test is performed to find out the battery condition.

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