Sleep comfortable bed nature, coupled with a little of the remnants of the time difference, the money rain the next day actually slept until 8:30 and just woke up, startled, VIP breakfast, private food and refused to eat and quickly ran to the team hotels, see the room empty, authentic nfl jerseys,I thought finished, under which large forces to leave, to be punished.

Are ready to go, I saw Du Weiwei his face came tired.

Money rain was going to ask what Du Weiwei to ask money rain: "the coach did not come last night Chaye it, several of us went to Lisboa to play a few!"

Money rain silent, the original Du Weiwei night did not return, that this coach investigation did not Cha Ye ghosts know.

Du Weiwei to see the money rain like this also know that he is not room to sleep, cut down on the bed: "training at ten o'clock, I go to sleep will be."

Money rain AC Milan a variety of training methods have been accustomed to the national team's training could not get points on both sides of the ball against the laps without stretching leapfrog ball training, that is up to and thought to pass by winger , not to join AC Milan to participate in the competition before, just to get rid of the Category B do not think how boring the national team training, to stay at AC Milan a year, the world's top-level training methods are seen come back to the training team, and really can not practice out of things to come.

It seems this football low level, not entirely in athletes individuals ah, there is a set of comprehensive and effective state-of-the-art training system over time because the money rain I thought.

The first night game against China and Macao team, more like a holiday party, a relationship because of China, Coach Purses outlet,China and Macao, coupled with the disparity in strength between winning and losing, and there is no suspense, so the game is always in a relaxed atmosphere. , the audience for both refueling.

The first arm wrapped around the Chinese team captain's armband in the money rain has attracted most of the cameras and attention the eyes, and he is overwhelmed by wearing the jersey of the Chinese team played debut.

Money rain has always felt very strange, why Zhu Guanghu is so fond of the players for the number, since he had entered the national team, playing Azerbaijan wear on the 18th playing to wear on the 14th, to play the German team warm-up match wore on the 10th, this time into a on the 7th.

But numbers can not dispel the doubts of his first national team captain game excitement, stood in front of, looked at the rising national flag, and listening to the majestic March of the Volunteers, cheap authentic jerseys,money rain a bit passionate.

But this passion soon be extinguished, to know China and Macao team there is no professional football team, the team is entirely composed of local students and civil servants from Macao, the money rain after the start of the game, I feel this ball team level, worse even than the team's level of Shenzhen, the grandson of that company.

Mother, also called the national competitions? Money rain dumbfounding.

The game the whole game, like the Chinese team's offensive practice, the team most of the time the ball control in Macau, China, the team's backcourt. Money rain, especially the performance of less than three minutes, start money Rain Road, the ball about 25 meters before the restricted area, sudden acceleration, look out of three of the encirclement of China and Macao team, Middle Road, a defender standing there ready block not even position to stand side, money rain a little flash to the upper body, suddenly nervous that the defender not daring to move, let the money rain ran from his own side, broke into the restricted area and one foot Tuishe score.

Goal, the stadium can accommodate thousands of people suddenly cheers a money rain turning directed Xu Lu stands direction, slightly mean.

Not point it out to go, just that he wandered in the guard thought the rain of money and own and shake hands, hastened cheerfully took it the hand of the money rain.

Money rain again dumbfounding.

Once again kick-off after two down the ball three pass came to the foot of the money rain, Macau, China, team members thought that the money rain will once again thousands of miles Riding Alone are afraid to move stature, money rain sighed ball Bigfoot sub-side, as far as possible the ball to teammates.

Volume IV, Milan glory forty-eight, ten to nil

Xlviii, ten to nil
Licheng Peng sitting in the stands and Xu Lu together: "to participate in this game really make life difficult for money to ////cheap authentic jerseys,which called the slaughter of chickens slaughtered chopper dig earwax excrement spoon."