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Thread: Article: Clouds are set but the rains are not yet

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Relationship Between the Normalized Undrained Shear Strength at Initial Yield and at Critical State for Overconsolidated Fine-Grained Soils Under Triaxial Test Condition

We can develop a relationship between the normalized undrained shear strength at initial yield and at the critical state for overconsolidated fi ne-grained soils. Read this topic
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    Article: Clouds are set but the rains are not yet

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    My 2 cents on Cloud Computing,

    we have been hearing a lot about Cloud Computing nowadays as this term recently got popularity when giants like IBM, Google, Amazon started publicizing benefits of having offering services to small and mid sized companies who may not be willing to invest a hefty amount to start their online business.

    Here is my understanding about Cloud [could be hazy but that's what the Cloud is after all]:

    1. This is not a new concept and it’s there in market from several years. For example: Maruti Udyog has hosted their site in Hughes Network Systems from last 10+ years. So, the concept of providing services is not new. However, putting together all these kind of services [SaaS, IaaS, PaaS] could be new.
    2. Clouds can be very beneficial for mid-sized and small-sized companies who don’t want to take pain of establishing and maintaining their own datacenters and platforms. Scalability and time-to-market are key benefits.
    3. Reliability and Security of Data would be a key concern for any business. So, it would be biggest challenge going forward for Cloud owners.

    We work in a world where eCommerce has enormous growth prospects. So, let's discuss about Cloud keeping eCommerce world in perspective:
    1. Business owners will get vast range of selection from different ecommerce frameworks without having in-house POC for different available frameworks and products [cost saving]

    2. Scalability for a limited period: Clouds can be utilized as pay-as-you-go services as well. So, in festive season business owners can increase the capability of cluster by just paying rent for that period [huge impact on reducing cost and increasing sales]

    3. Clouds can have basic B2B and B2C kind of implementation [leveraging any ecommerce framework like ATG, ElasticPath etc] and expose it as service. It would be similar to on-demand solutions [time-to-market]
    4. Build vs Buy: Cloud would be capable of offering services at lower cost as compare to building in-house solutions. This would be key selling feature.
    5. High Availability: Clouds can play significant role in high availability of site. Based upon contract with companies, Cloud owner can take a decision to scale capacity and later charge for it.
    6. Accountability: Cloud owner would be accountable for up-time of site which will attract ebusiness owners.
    These are just initial thoughts and there's lot more to come...