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Thread: Career Counselling Query

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    Career Counselling Query

    Hello. My name is Ashwini. I have just completed my But I didn't get placed in any company yet. And I think the reason behind my unemployment is my poor communication skill and personalty. Kindly someone suggest me what should I do to Improve my personalty so that I can be a part of a good organization.

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    Re: Career Counselling Query

    Hi Ashwini, don't feel bad, sometimes it happens in absence of Energy-boosters and also our confidence weakens up after facing too much of failures...
    Don't loose confidence and keep working hard, read English newspaper, view English TV shows.
    All the best.

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    Re: Career Counselling Query

    Also, if you are nearby JAIPUR, DELHI or ROORKEE then go through this workshop. This will help you a lot.


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    Re: Career Counselling Query

    So where from I can get that energy-boosters? Are there any seminars or workshops related to those type of program where I can improve myself?, If yes then,
    Is there any criteria or eligibility to attend these type of seminar or workshops?
    Suggest me in detail Please.

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    Re: Career Counselling Query

    This is a workshop named as, LEARNING INDIA WORKSHOP... no eligibility, check the details at - www[dot]

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    Re: Career Counselling Query

    Can you Tell me that what is this Learning Accelerator Workshop. and how this workshop will help me out.?

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    Re: Career Counselling Query

    A 2 Day experience designed to transform your learning for a positive paradigm shift in your work & life. You can learn anything & forget nothing, just build the strengths which are needed. Take your work productivity to a new high, start achieving extraordinary result. Love what you do like never before, discover what you love doing.

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    Re: Career Counselling Query

    Hello Sir, my name is Sparjan,and i have just completed BE in ECE, but now i want to move in biology+chemistry related in any line to do masters, such as Biotechnology or Microbiology or Bio medical etc. Is there any college or institute consider me? In my 2 nd year i wrote one thesis paper to my room mate(he was then in Chemical Engineering), and his paper was selected for Seminar in his Department at Annamalai University.Then i realize my discition was wrong. In 10+2 my PCB score is 85%, but math score is 53%.
    Please Sir help me, to get out from this problem.

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